Aviator is a 4 yr old Quarter Horse/Appaloosa cross.  He was born here in May 2014. Xena is his dam. I was there when Xena gave birth to Aviator and knew immediately he was going to be something special.   Aviator is extraordinary for a 4 yr old. He is already being used in therapy sessions. He has already learned to find a clients weakness and help them work it out during therapy.  He has great instincts and seems to do just what that person needs at the time they need it. For being so big and so young, this guy is very gentle. I can’t wait to see what changes he helps to bring in our clients through therapy.  I think he is going to do amazing things and help a lot of people in his lifetime.



Farah is a 12 year old SE Arabian.  He had a rough start in life. He was not handled well at only a couple of weeks old while at a boarding facility.  A worker at the boarding facility thought he needed to be imprinted at 2 weeks old (he had already been imprinted at a couple of hours old by the owner).  The worker pinned him to the wall while trying to imprint him. Farah was absolutely terrified and trembling in fear during this incident. He has had trust issues since then.  He genuinely wants to please and is willing to do whatever is asked of him once you gain his trust. Farah is a great therapy horse because he is so sensitive and intuitive with a true understanding of trauma.


Myniya is a 12 yr old Straight Egyptian Arabian.  I got her as a 5 year old to use as a broodmare. She came from a great home, but was still young with lots of learning and maturing to do.  She was a bit high strung and a little wild when I got her, but she has matured into an amazing girl. She is extremely sweet and loving. She loves to have your affection and attention and will return it tenfold.  She has had 2 colts with us and has passed on that sweet personality to her boys. She is great for those clients that need a little TLC!!!

myniya 6


Rainmaker is a 10 year old SE Arabian.  He had the perfect start in life and has no traumatic history.  Rain is crazy smart and has a huge personality. He is a great fit for our program because he is solid, steady, and reliable.  On those days we need a good laugh but a calming presence this will be our go to horse.



Xena is a 17 yr old Quarter Horse mare.  She is my own personal horse that I lease out to Take 2 Ranch.  I bought her as s 3 year old and wanted to run barrels with her.  She was broke to ride, but didn’t really know much. Xena is extremely smart and learns very quickly.  This is both good and bad, it’s great when you are teaching her new things but not so good when she learns something naughty!!!   Xena is a great mom, very nurturing and compassionate to her babies, but will also discipline them as needed. She is a great asset to Take 2 Ranch for all of these attributes.